7 Best Backpacking Tripod in 2021 (The Definitive Guide)

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Last updated on October 21st, 2021

Looking for Backpacking Tripod in 2021?

Being a travel photographer, I know how hard it is to find the best backpacking tripod that is affordable, lightweight, and durable. A guide to the best lightweight tripods for backpacking trips including detailed product reviews to help you pick the best backpacking tripod.

7 Best Lightweight Tripods For Backpacking in 2021

If you simply want to take photos for the sake of memories and value keeping your backpack as light as possible, then it might not be necessary to travel with a tripod.

However, if you’re looking to take your photographs to the next level and try out new shots with your camera then a tripod is a must-have accessory. We have done extensive research and tested many of the most popular tripod models to help you find the best tripod for backpacking for your DSLR cameras.

In the list below, you’ll see the tripods that offer great value for money. There is worthy photography gear to consider in every price segment; that’s why the included variants range from $50 to $600.

1. Benro 2 Series

The Benro 2 Series FTA28CV1 is a component of Benro’s most advanced vary of compact, travel vogue pic tripods. This lightweight absolutely featured reverse folding rack kit combines 9X carbon fiber legs with metallic element castings and twist locks for inflexible performance.

This isn’t exactly an ultra-lightweight tripod but some of its features became very beneficial during my long hikes. The extra heaviness was completely worth it as I was able to use one of the legs as a monopod. Nine-layer carbon material minimizes the tripod’s weight without undesired compromising on the sturdiness.

There’s also a possibility of adding some balance by hanging a heavy case on the special hook at the center column. The rubber feet simplify the work on almost any surface, including ice, wood, tile, and lawn. You don’t have to buy a separate shoulder strap or carrying bag; they come with the set.

2. Sirui T-025SK

The Sirui T-025S is that the freshly designed replacement for the popular top-selling Sirui T-025X Your trustworthy Travel Companion!

They are the perfect choice for your travel photography needs. This is an upgraded version of the bestselling Sirui T-025X, the main advantages of which are lightness and portability.

This is probably the best tripod for hiking and for those travelers who want to reap the benefits of an average-sized tripod while minimizing the weight to carry around.

The quality materials guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience, and the leg mechanism works smoothly. The tripod is extremely user-friendly; it can be unfolded in just 20 seconds.

3. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 inch Portable Professional Aluminium Camera Tripod. You can invert and fold the back legs of this tripod so that they’re only 18”. This space-saving feature explains why it’s so easy to carry the Best Vanguard Tripod around. It can also be transformed into a full-scale monopod.

The tripod was designed in such a way that it’s compact and enables you to take great shots anywhere you want. A carrying bag that comes with the set protects the tripod and makes it easy to transport.

The mount includes a safety lock, which means you don’t need to worry about it while dealing with a quick-release plate. There’s even a 360-degree panoramic mode that lets you capture nature’s beauty.

4. Gitzo Lightweight

The Gitzo GIGT1545T someone Series one Carbon Fiber Tripod could be a compact network with legs that fold around the center column and ex gratia head.

These reverse-folding legs contribute to the tripod’s collapsible length of simply sixteen.7″. It extends to sixty.2″ high and might blockage to twenty-two pounds.

What I love about this tripod is that you can fold the legs in reverse. It makes for a folded height of just 16”. The maximum height of this hiking tripod is 60” and its weight capacity is around 20 lbs.

In my experience, this is a durable device. It survived multiple backpacking and hiking adventures and never let me down. Undoubtedly, this gear is a good fit for travel shooting. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reliable travel companion.

5. Zomei Q555 Lightweight

Zomei Q555 is light-weight and transportable, a high-quality tripod that matches into carry-on baggage and backpacks, ideal for a travel companion.

This backpacking camera tripod is compact, lightweight, and high-quality. Overall, it’s perfect traveling equipment. The legs are extendable and feel secure enough to withstand light winds.

At the bottom of the middle bar, you’ll find a hook for more balance if the weather gets worse. The foam grips on the legs become very handy in case you’re a fan of shooting outdoors when it’s cold and damp. Three-leg positioning allows working with various angles and different kinds of uneven surfaces.

Summing Up

The best tripod for backpacking has two very important features that are irrelevant for full-sized tripods: minimal weight and compact design.

It’s obvious why these two parameters would be most vital for photographers who travel a lot. However, there are some other tripod characteristics you should pay attention to.

Characteristics to Pay Attention to:

  • Weight
  • Ballast hook
  • Height
  • Dimensions
  • Quick-release plate
  • Ease of use
  • Optimal load capacity

Whether you are looking to purchase the best lightweight tripods for backpacking of the premium category or the best budget tripod, pay attention to the maximum load your tripod can take. These devices are rated for a load-bearing indicator. Opt for the models that have a load capacity much higher than the equipment they must hold.

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