7 Best Travel Tripod in 2021 (#2 is Better & Cheaper)

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2021

Picking the best tripod for travel can be quite tricky. There’re many models on the market and you may easily get lost and confused. When it comes to Travel photography, a good tripod is one of the best things you can spend your money on. Whenever you want to travel at that time you need to travel tripods for DSLR.

Best Tripod for travel in your photography

Our team spent much time exploring the latest and most popular web answers to the “best tripod for travel” question. If you want to find great travel tripods for DSLR at a reasonable cost, have a look at the 7 variants listed below.

If you need the best travel tripod or best DSLR tripod, check another list. My top list of efficient tripod models will help you choose the best tripod for travel on a budget, saving you time and money

  1. Manfrotto 055
  2. Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree
  3. Gitzo GIGT1545T Traveler
  4. Tycka TK101
  5. ZOMEI Z699C
  6. BONFOTO B690A Lightweight
  7. Manfrotto 190

Here are the top list

1. Manfrotto 055

Key Features

  • Can support large cameras
  • 4 leg angles positions
  • Big load capacity
  • Durable tilt head
  • The smoothly designed central column
  • Reliable locks

Manfrotto 055 is the best tripod of this brand for still shooting. It has all the necessary features to guarantee safe and convenient work. Most photographers admire the horizontal central column, which gives a chance to adjust the tripod individually for each photo session. It is the best budget DSLR tripod if you don’t mind its bulky construction and weight.

2. Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree

Key Features

  • Durable material
  • Adjustable central column
  • Miniature dimensions
  • Strong, reliable lock
  • Elaborate build
  • Universal
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sturdy

If you want to get a reliable tripod, which will serve you many years, have a look at the Manfrotto manufacturer. The brand is known for its full-fledged, sturdy tripod stands for cameras, which keep the leading positions on the modern market.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 is made of aluminum and consists of 4 parts. Such a compact tripod can easily fit in a regular backpack, you won’t have to buy the best camera backpack.

The rotatory central column enables you to adjust the tripod and extend it both vertically and horizontally. I think this tripod is suitable for practically every photographer, be it a product or a landscape shooter. You can even use it to record videos.

3. Gitzo GIGT1545T Traveler

Key Features

  • Can be opened in no more than 20 seconds
  • The presence of a hook at the bottom of the centric column for hanging some weight
  • Even an accurate head goes precisely in between the legs
  • For a closer to the surface shooting the column in the center may be taken off
  • Build high quality

I don’t deny that Gitzo GIGT1545T Traveler is the best compact travel tripod, which is worth its money. The lightweight, as well as the small size, are its main advantages.

Besides, with such sturdy construction, you are sure to depend on it in any situation and, with its high capacity, you will get a maximum result. Additionally, if you extend it, the legs will stand solidly on the surface.

I won’t argue with the statement that the product is rather expensive, but the price is totally justified by the long life of the device. Don’t forget to buy the best camera bag.

4. Tycka TK101

key features

  • The transition into a monopod is done in one motion
  • The build is aimed at a long-term life
  • The legs may be swiftly adapted to whichever length and angle
  • A clever design
  • Can be transformed into quite a compact item

Compactness, solidness, and high capability – what else is needed from the best travel camera tripod? You can place this model in the portable bag which comes with the kit, as the product can be retracted to a size of 18 inches.

Apart from this, any time you take a photo, it will turn out excellent owing to the specifically devised ball-head with 360° rotation. This is the best small travel tripod for about $100 which you can bring around with ease to all types of photoshoots.

5. ZOMEI Z699C

Key Features

  • The ball head is easily handled
  • Convenient to use
  • Smart price
  • Much higher than the majority of similar travel tripods
  • Leg spikes that may be folded
  • Possible to be utilized in any place and arrangement

This best carbon fiber travel tripod possesses a number of benefits, starting with the reliable material and smaller weight in comparison with the aluminum alloy. Moreover, its reasonable price will certainly amaze you.

If you are searching for a lightweight but budget travel tripod with remarkable functions and performance, needless to say, this one is a great model.

6. BONFOTO B690A Lightweight

Key Features

  • Swift fastening and disassembling the camera without unexpected falling due to the standard 1/4″ screw
  • Safe clip and a quick release mounting plate
  • With the presence of an inverted central axis, you can accomplish macro or low angle photos
  • The flip leg lock is adapted to the required height easily and fast.

It is the best cheap travel tripod, but still includes a variety of useful functions. It gives you an opportunity to switch between shots fast and take pictures at each and every angle. Among its benefits, I would like to highlight a sturdy and reliable structure along with a 3-way head.

7. Manfrotto 190

Key Features

  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Twist locks for fast assembly
  • 90° column ability
  • 4 leg angle positions
  • Stable
  • Can support reflector

Another quality tripod stands from Manfrotto Company. If you need a lightweight, still stable model, this is the perfect tripod for you.

It is very quick to operate even with one hand thanks to the twist locks. Several leg angle positions and rotatory columns give a chance to place the tripod as low as you need. It is a universal model with special attachments to support reflectors and other additional accessories.

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