7 Best Travel Tripod in 2022 (#2 is Better & Cheaper)

Last updated on February 17th, 2022

If you’re looking for the best travel tripod, you’re in the right place. We’re rounding up our favorite travel tripods that are suitable for holidays and adventures.

Choosing the best tripod for travel can be tricky because there’re tons of models on the market. You may easily get lost and confused with all of the models out there.

When it comes to Travel photography or adventure shot, a good tripod is one of the best things you need to spend your money on.

Tripods aren’t the most fun camera parts to research or invest in. But when it comes to Travelling, Hunting, a good tripod is one of the best things you can spend your money on.

I have spent countless hours of research to make sure I can give the right info so that it helps you pick the perfect travel tripod for your next trip.

So, before spending your money on a tripod, make sure to check these Ultimate Guides I create here for you.

What is Travel Tripod?

By definition, a tripod is a camera part or photography accessory that uses three legs for stabilization to make a stable shot. Tripod creates for stable supporting surface against downward and horizontal forces.

Basically, a tripod’s entire role is to stabilize your camera for better construction and stabilization.

Well, then What is a travel tripod used for?

If you are willing to travel and make some fantastic shots at that time travel tripod works. Basically, when we travel, we always move from one place to another. That’s why you need a tripod for travel photography or videography.

Unlike other tripods, travel tripods are designed to be lighter and flexible. They are adjusted to any position and place to help you take amazing photos that are sharp and not blurred.

Best Travel Tripod (2022) Buyer’s Guide + Reviews

We have spent countless hours exploring the latest and most popular tripod for travel. With this in mind, we listed some of the best tripods based prices like under $50, $100, $ 200, and above.

This idea and the list help you to figure out which variations of tripod you are looking for… For example, If you have a low budget or high budget you also can get the best budget travel tripod within our list.

Our comprehensive guide and list of the top travel tripod models will help you choose the best tripod for travel that saves you time and money.

1. Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod 

Mactrem PT55 is one of the best Travel Camera Tripod for DSLR SLRs like, Canon, Nikon & Sony. It has built with aluminum as well as some metal and plastic parts. It measures 20 inches collapsed that can be extended up to 55 inches.

Mactrem PT55 is easy to store that fits perfectly into the carrying case for safe storage. It also has a 3-way Pan Head that is updated in three-way which is ideal for precise framing.

Even It becomes easier with its 360-degree swivel function that helps to change the camera from portrait to landscape.

Mactrem PT55 also offers Quick-Release Plate that allows you to attach and detach your camera in seconds. This feature makes it fast transitions in order to shots and quickly moving from spot to spot possible.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.61Lbs
  • Material: Aluminum alloy tube and plastic constructions
  • PTZ type: Panoramic Head
  • Tripod sessions: 4
  • Maximum height: 1400mm / 55.12inch
  • Folded length: 50cm / 19.7inch(with panhead)
  • Tripod max height: 150cm / 4.92ft
  • Max. tube diameter: 20mm / 0.8in
  • Load capacity: 5kg / 11.02Lbs

Overall, Mactrem PT55 would be the ultimate choice if you are looking for a travel tripod under $50.

  • Fits Perfectly
  • Reasonable Price
  • Quick-Release Plate
  • Extremely Robust Tripod
  • Effortlessly Custom Set-ups
  • Ensure stability on different surfaces
  • Bit Heavier

2. 72-Inch Tripod By JOLICAN

The 72-Inch Tripod By JOLICAN is another game-changing tripod for travel. This is a surprisingly sturdy tripod that really values money.

The 72-Inch Tripod is very stable with lots of head adjustments. It has a good weight which would make it ideal for outdoor shots.

It also offers 360 degrees horizontal and 90-degree vertical swivel with a 3-way head that is ideal for precise framing.

Even It becomes more flexible with its 360-degree swivel function that allows changing your camera fast.

This tripod comes at a cheap price and I’m sure you got your money’s worth. It’s light, sturdy, easy to install, and use also the quality is fantastic.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.61Lbs
  • Max Load Capacity: 9lbs / 4.1kg
  • Max Height: 72 in / 1820 mm
  • Min height: 21 in / 533 mm
  • Storage Length: 22.4 in / 570 mm
  • Max Height converted to Monopod: 65 in / 1651 mm
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Material: High-density aluminum alloy and proprietary ABS Plastic

The JOLICAN 72-Inch Tripod is an impressive choice if you are seeking a tripod under $50 for travel. Overall it’s a great product for the perfect video shots.

  • lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Quick-release
  • Quality carrying case
  • Very stable on solid ground
  • Best for all types of cameras.
  • NO Cons

3. Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K is one of the best tripods under $50 for vlogging and hand-held shots. It is easy to holds on branches & more for unlimited angles and unique perspectives.

Overall, it keeps your camera level and stable on any surface. The Joby 3K is Versatile and compatible with any camera and camera accessories that are less than 3 kg (6.6 lbs).

It also features a 360° panning bed and 90° tilt and bubble level for optimal position control. This function allows users to make the perfect shots in portrait or landscape mode.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 0.86lbs/13.8 Ounces
  • Capacity: 3 kg/6.6 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Connection Point: 1/4″-20 standard tripod mount
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, ABS Plastic, TPE, etc

Overall, it kind of tripod that is perfect for traveling to vlogging. It comes very flexible and easy to carry anywhere and also fits in almost any bag or backpack.

  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Easy to vlog
  • It can hold up to 3KG of weight (camera+accessories)
  • The Ball head and release head are good
  • Easy to bend the tripod into new positions or angle
  • Legs can be broke

4. Victiv 72-inch Camera Tripod

The Victiv 72-inch is one of the lightweight tripods for vloggers and YouTubers. It is really fast and easy to set up. Unlike others, it weighs only 3.3 lbs/1.5 kilograms, easy to move around.

The Victiv 72-inch is made of aluminum that is sturdy and adequate for long exposure work to keep the camera steady. It has 4-section column legs that are able to stretch out to be tall enough to find the right height.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
  • Capacity: 12 lbs (5.5 kg)
  • Connection Point: 1/4″-20 standard tripod mount
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Maximum Height: 182 Centimeters
  • Leg Diameter: 26 Millimeters

Overall, The Victiv 72-inch Tripod is a Durable Aluminum Stand perfect for YouTube Videos and amateur Photography. It is well constructed and quite steady for optical equipment.

You don’t need to spend tons of money to find such a good tripod like this one. This tripod, however, has a great solid feel and with a couple of extra features, I hope you might really love it.

  • Flexible
  • Easy to Set up
  • Solid Construction
  • Lightweight for Travel
  • Versatility of Functionality
  • Smooth 3-way Swivel Head
  • Tripod & Monopod Combined Unit

5. K&F Concept 62

K&F Concept 62 is a great travel tripod under $100. I have used many tripods and this one is stand out. The weight of the tripod (include the ball head) is only 2.99lbs, I think it is much lighter & easier to travel.

The tripod with a powerful and quick flip leg lock, only use one hand can open and close all the buttons in a few seconds. The quick-release plate makes this tripod really easy to mount with any DSLR.

The K&F Concept 62 is very easy to use, saving you more time, and can more be focused on enjoying the shooting. The Ball head (28mm large ) ensures the stability of the cloud platform. It allows your camera to rotate smoothly and accurately within a 360-degree scale.

The tripod has wise stability, it will handle your shooting very nicely. However, the tripod stands well, and also it fits into any adult man-size backpack.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 22 lb (10 kg)
  • Capacity: 12 lbs (5.5 kg)
  • Materials: Aluminum, Magnesium
  • Maximum Height: 158 Centimeters
  • Leg Diameter: 23 Millimeters
  • 360 degrees ball head
  • Quick Flip Leg Lock

Overall, K&F Concept 62 is great for making travel photos or travel. At only $79.99 this is quite awesome and also it is sturdy and well made as well.

  • Light and stable
  • Solid Construction
  • Portable tripod bag
  • Versatility of Functionality
  • Easy for outdoor carrying
  • Lightweight for Travel/vlogging
  • The ball head often has some trouble


The GEEKOTO 77 is one of the perfect tripods under $100 for photographers, enthusiasts, and travelers. It comes with lightweight and high-quality stability.

It is easy to carry (1.53kg) weight and it can hold up to 8kg load weight. Being 77” in height and easy-carried for outdoors shooting.

The tripod has 4-section column legs with quick release flip-locks that allow you to adjust the working height from 19’’ to 77’ in seconds.

The panoramic ball head is well made and flexible and has no creeping with any longest lens. This tripod comes with a good quality bag and a separate cover for the head mount, that’s fantastic.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 3.37 Pounds (1.52 kg)
  • Capacity: 17.6 lbs (7.9 kg)
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Maximum height (77 inches)
  • Folded height (19 inches)

Overall, GEEKOTO 77 can be the best companion for your DSLR cameras. It would be an impressive choice if you are looking for a tripod under $100 for travel.

  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Set up
  • Solid Construction
  • Versatility of Functionality
  • Lightweight for Photographers, and Travelers
  • Legs bit weak

7. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

The Manfrotto (5-Section) tripods are an excellent choice for beginners, entry-level travelers. A high-quality aluminum tripod design is very lightweight and sturdy as well.

This is kinds of a premium tripod at an affordable price, and I highly recommend it to people who just want to take adventure shots. It also comes with a quick-release plate that lets you switch cameras in just seconds. It also comes with a special adapter for high specification cameras.

Manfrotto (5-Section) is not going to be stable with heavy and bulky DSLRs. If your equipment weighs under 3.3lbs then it works fantastic.

You can use it only if you have a lightweight or low weight camera. However, It weighs 2.69 lbs, and it is only 17.83” that is a great option if you’re looking for a travel-friendly tripod.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 2.69 Pounds (1.17 kg)
  • Capacity: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Maximum height ( 61 inches)
  • Folded height (18.88 inches)

Overall, It is an entry-level tripod for Mirrorless & DSLR with standard lenses. Whether you’re using Sony or Canon this tripod works with all low-weight cameras like Sony, Canon, or Nikon.

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Flexible & easy to set up
  • Solid Construction
  • Versatility of Functionality
  • Extremely portable
  • Great for Photographers, and Travelers
  • Low load capacity
  • Can’t be converted into a monopod

Final Thought

Picking the best tripod for travel can be quite tricky. There’re many models on the market and you may easily get lost and confused.

When it comes to Travel photography, a good tripod is one of the best things you can spend your money on. Whenever you want to travel at that time you need to travel tripods for DSLR.

I’ve spent much time exploring the latest and most popular web answers to the “best tripod for travel” question. If you want to great travel tripods for DSLR at a reasonable cost, have a look at the 7 variants listed Above.

My top list of efficient tripod models will help you choose the best tripod for travel on a budget, saving you time and money

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